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If you really loved your website, you’d update it ❤️

Building a website is a monumental task, and once it’s done you may be thinking, “Oh thank goodness that’s over and I can move on to something else!” But that website you just built deserves constant attention (if you want it to support your business effectively 😉). 

For so many reasons, you need to be updating the software (WordPress, themes, plugins) and the content (new blog posts, updated copy to better speak to your customers). And you should be regularly monitoring and fixing crawl errors, optimizing images, and checking your site speed too. 

Trust us with your website so you can confidently use your website for what it was intended to do – grow your business.

Choose the Plan That’s Right For Your Business

Upgrade or downgrade anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer website hosting?

We do! If you’d like to purchase website hosting from us, we can migrate your site to our host. Depending on where your site is currently hosted, this can be super simple or slightly complicated. Therefore, we like handling these on a case-by-case basis. If you’re interested in hosting your site with us, please indicate this on the check out form and we’ll follow up with you directly.

What's included in "website tech support?"

We know how important it is to have a website expert you can call on when things come up. Maybe you notice a photo is no longer appearing, you just posted a blog and the formatting is off, or you need help fixing a Google Search Console error. We can handle it!

What’s NOT included are things like posting new content to your site, redesigns, creation of new pages, or set up of new complex functionality. However – we can also do all of those things too as part of a project rate (which we can discuss when you make your request!).

What if I need to upgrade or downgrade?

It’s all good! Your needs change as your business changes, so we are happy to bump you up (or down) on your next billing cycle.

I still have questions!

We have answers! If you can’t choose or just need to talk it over, feel free to shoot us a note (or schedule a call) from the contact page.

Looking for a custom plan or not sure which to choose? 

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