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Abundant Profit Planner

Create a vision-aligned income plan, so you can confidently take meaningful action to build your thriving business.

    Tell me… do any of the below sound like you right now?


    • You’re spending time tinkering in the background of your business (thinking about services, prices, tech decisions) and not having any 1:1 conversations with people about what you do
    • You’ve invested in program(s) or coaches but you’re not getting the work done or getting your business in front of customers
    • You have a product or service that you’ve put in front of a few people… it didn’t sell... and now you’re feeling defeated and stuck
    • You’re having a hard time taking action
    • You feel like you’re “spinning your wheels”
    • You want to start/grow your business, but don’t have any financial goals or benchmarks set for yourself yet… or the ones you did set feel unrealistic (too low to help you quit your job/motivate you, or too high to seem achievable)
    • You keep coming up with new ideas about what you want to do, but don’t feel 100% on any of them and can’t move forward
    • Your business is stagnant – clients are just trickling in and you’re frustrated and worn out from hustling
    • Your business just isn’t generating enough revenue to sustain you


    Yes? It’s OK, I’ve been there too, and so have my clients

    It turns out, all the webinars, worksheets, coaching, and books out there telling us how to start or grow our businesses are pretty much USELESS.

    Well… useless until you set your vision, establish specific and achievable revenue and profit goals, and cultivate the confidence to take meaningful action.

    If any of the above statements resonated with you, then you need to stop everything and download this planner. Seriously!

    The exercises inside are ones I’ve done (and done again) in my own business, to bring myself back to my “why,” and to make key financial decisions that inform my services, pricing, marketing, hiring, and more. This has allowed me to keep increasing my profits, and my satisfaction within my business, year after year.

    Here’s what you can expect to accomplish when you download the Abundant Profit Planner:


    1. Gain clarity on your vision – Identify your long-term goals and aspirations in both life and business – because if our business doesn’t support our personal dreams, we’re less likely to lean in and put in the work that will yield the best results.
    2. Develop an actionable profit plan – Map out strategies to achieve financial success while doing what you love, using my interactive Income Planning Worksheet (complete with video tutorial on how to use!).
    3. Cultivate a thriving nutrition entrepreneurship mindset – Uncover limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your full potential, because remember – all the knowledge in the world is no good if your mind isn’t ready for action.
    4. Create a roadmap for growth – Access resources that will guide you through implementing your vision, from launching your services, to expanding your client base, and increasing revenue.

    I’ve worked with dozens of nutrition entrepreneurs to help them gain clarity and increase their confidence so they can make their business dreams a reality.

    I feel more comfortable in my business. I know who I am, what I do, who I serve.

    – Bailey F.

    I feel so much more confident and excited about launching…. [it] was the push I needed to really get things started and build a solid foundation that I’m able to use going forward.

    – Brooke S.

    I feel more confident and excited to share my business, services, and skills with potential clients.

    – Kirsten D.

    I have felt so much more comfortable and confident starting my business and promoting my services.

    – Haley S.


    👋 I’m Whitney

    Dietitian Turned Website Coach

    My mission is to provide nutrition professionals like yourself with knowledge, resources, and support to build fulfilling, successful businesses, without the overwhelm and burnout. 

    Maybe you’re spending hours listening to podcasts, $$ enrolling in courses, and trying to figure out your website and online business all on your own… and feeling lost and frustrated.

    Good news, I’ve already done all that! 🤓 And I want to share the strategies I use for my clients (and in my own business!) to create momentum and create the profitable business of your dreams.

    🙌 Can’t wait to see what you create after going through these exercises!

    Are you ready to create an ACHIEVABLE plan for making the income you want from your business?

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