Website Design

website design

Think a website is just a website? No way! My platform of choice is WordPress – an extremely flexible, scalable, cost-effective platform used by millions around the world, by companies big and small. Using this tool, we can make something that creates engagement and interaction – a way for you to deliver value and promote trust with your customers. We can create a simple website to solidify your brand, that can grow with you – or we can build out a full site complete with lots of customized options and content.

Below are some of the projects we can work on together:

  • Creating a brand new WordPress site, complete with custom domain
  • Modernizing your current site with a new theme or updated look and feel
  • Adding new dynamic content with some new plugins
  • Creating a members-only website for exclusive content (such as eLearning, a badging/rewards system, or downloadable content)
  • Setting up a monthly maintenance plan to keep your site up-to-date and secure
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