Content Development 

Quality content is still king - but what you create and how you deliver it makes all the difference. A short video, an educational illustration, or a cleanly-designed training manual - whatever the content is, let me help you make it shine. According to Forbes, consumers overwhelmingly prefer video for learning about companies and making purchase decisions, and people put more trust in materials that are well-designed.

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Digital Marketing

Nervous about social media? Not sure how to get your website seen by more than just friends and family? Even if you deal mostly in one-on-one referrals, growing a following can help you spread the word about your services and tell your story. Going in with clearly established goals, measuring results, and refining your strategy every few months can help you feel in control of your digital marketing without it being overwhelming.

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Website Design

Think a website is just a website? No way! My platform of choice is WordPress - an extremely flexible, scalable, cost-effective platform used by millions around the world, by companies big and small. Using this tool, we can make something that creates engagement and interaction - a way for you to deliver value and promote trust with your customers. We can create a simple website to solidify your brand, that can grow with you - or we can build out a full site complete with lots of customized options and content.

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Consulting & Training

Maybe you're not really sure what you need yet, or you'd rather do some things yourself and are just looking for a little guidance. I'm all about empowering people with information, so if you'd rather get your website up and running yourself, shoot and edit your own videos, and learn how to create beautifully-designed presentations - I can teach you! If you're looking for someone to help you troubleshoot or bounce ideas off of, we can do that too.

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