⚡️Website Migration Details⚡️

Considering enrolling in The Wellness Pro Website System and already have a website?

Depending on your situation, you may want to add “Website Migration.”

Watch this quick video to learn more about what migration includes and how to select the right add-on service for your situation during checkout.

FYI: This video will also appear after you make your WPWS course purchase, and the links referred to in the video will be active on the checkout pages for you. 

(And if you’re wondering, do I really need this? The short answer is: yes, it’s worth it!  We’ll take care of the techy things to merge your old site with your new one, and save you tons of time and frustration in the process. Trust us – you want to take us up on this!)

Use the scenarios below to pick the migration option that fits your situation – No Migration, Basic Migration, or Advanced Migration. If you have questions after watching the video, feel free to send us an email: info@whitneybateson.com.

Scenario 1️⃣ “I have a current website but don’t need anything carried over to the new website, and I don’t need the site to be accessible to visitors during the course.”

In other words, you want to start fresh! This means you don’t need migration. Instead, we’ll set up your new website with our WPWS templates and hosting, and immediately point your current domain to the new site (but you’ll have a nice “Coming Soon” page up in the meantime).

➡️ Since you don’t need migration services, you will click on the “Don’t have a website? Click here to finish checking out 👉” link as you check out.

Scenario 2️⃣ “I have a current website and I’d like it to stay visible while I work on my new site and/or I’d like to keep some of the content (20 or less blog posts) and/or my website is on WordPress.org and I don’t want to keep the hosting.”

This qualifies as a “Basic Migration,” which costs $250 (one-time). Basically, you have a website right now and you still want it to be visible while you work on your new website through the course. If your current site is on WordPress (.org) but would like to go on to our hosting, then this option is also for you.

We’ll create a new staging (temporary) site on our hosting, so you can build your new site while your current site is still active and visible to visitors. We’ll migrate (import) your blog posts (including any images) and make sure they appear properly on your new site.

FYI – migrating your blog posts and/or images can get technical, so it’s best to leave this to us to save you the headache.

Then, once you’re ready to go live with your new site, we’ll take care of updating your domain settings to show your new website to the world 🙌.

➡️  To move forward with this option, you will click the “Add Basic Website Migration to My Order” button on the checkout page. 

P.S. This is the type of migration that applies to MOST people, and if you’re not sure if you need Basic or Advanced, feel free to select Basic, and we can always follow up individually about your site later.

Scenario 3️⃣ “I have a current website and I want to:

  • (a) carry over more than 20 blog posts; or
  • (b) my media files (for eg, images) exceed more than 1GB in file size; or 
  • (c) keep my website on my current web hosting.”

This qualifies as an “Advanced Migration” (one-time $500 fee) because the migration process becomes more complex when we factor in the above. Large amounts of blog posts and media files, or setting up a staging site on your existing web hosting, require a few more hours from our team. 

We’ll create a staging site for you to work with, migrating blog posts and/or media files from your current site, too. Then, once you’re ready to go live with your new site, we’ll take care of updating your domain settings to show your new website.

➡️ To move forward with this option, you’ll click the “I Need Advanced Migration” link on the checkout page.

P.S. As part of the course pre-work, you’ll have the opportunity to provide us more details about your website, hosting situation, and the content you’d like migrated.

🚨 IMPORTANT NOTE (Migration Package Exclusions):

For all Migration Services (Basic or Advanced), the following is NOT included:

  • Carrying over any pages (you will need to copy and paste any page contents onto your new website – this is easy with our page templates, though!)
  • Carrying over any shop or e-commence content*
  • Installation/configuration of any plugins from WordPress.com to your new website*
  • Integrating/setting up any 3rd party external platforms (for eg, your existing marketing platform, shopping, and booking platforms)*

*For the above exclusions, if these features exist on your existing website and you want them carried over, we will strive to provide guidance on how to set this up, but ultimately it will be up to you to set up on your new website, or we can configure for an additional fee, to be determined based on scope.

If you have further questions about which migration package is right for you, feel free to send us an email: info@whitneybateson.com.

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