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Why You Don’t Get Clients From Your Website and How to Fix It

5 Secrets to Get More Clients from Your Website on Autopilot

Learn the tactics I use with my private website clients to get them more traffic, more leads, and more CLIENTS!

We just hosted our masterclass, and boy was it popular! So popular, that we’re planning to host more classes in the near future. 🎉

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In This Class You’ll Discover

The BIG mistake you’re probably making that’s driving people AWAY from your website (and business). I’ll cover the two things you need on your site so you’re never left wondering if your site is getting you clients (or scaring them away!).
How to set up your site and business to get you leads and clients while you sleep (really!). No one wants to work 24/7, but your website can – if you include these systems and processes I’ll cover in class.

What to do if you’re not getting any traffic to your site to begin with. I know, it’s not fun to create a beautiful, effective website if no one visits it. I’ll share the trick most RDs aren’t even aware of that you need to be doing to start getting more traffic (plus a success story!).

Free Gift: Copy Template

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When you attend LIVE with me, you’ll also get my Landing Page Copy Template so you can know exactly what to say on your sales or services landing page.

No more guessing about what to include and what to leave out, searching the internet for examples, or feeling frustrated rewriting the same sentence for hours. You’ll have the exact template (with prompts!) to know how to create the perfect page to sell more of your services, course, book…

This class is for you if…

📈 You want to build a full, consistent practice working with your dream clients

💵 You’re struggling to turn your website traffic (and marketing efforts) into clients and sales

🥇 You want to establish your brand as the go-to authority in your niche

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👋 I’m Whitney

Dietitian Turned Website Strategist

My mission is to ensure you don’t lose another client to that polished but woefully unqualified competitor (you know the ones I’m talking about). I’m guessing you want the same thing.

Maybe you’re spending hours listening to podcasts, watching YouTube tutorials, and trying to figure out your website and online business all on your own… and feeling defeated.

Good news, I’ve already done all that 🤓 And I want to share the strategies I use for my clients (and in my own business!) to generate more leads and clients from your website.

I promise you’ll walk away from this class with the knowledge and confidence to begin making huge changes in your business and website that will boost your visibility and your profits.

🙌 Can’t wait to see you there!

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