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How to Make Your Website Look More Professional

Jun 7, 2021 | Blog

People just aren’t going to buy from a business they don’t trust. And a cheap-looking website isn’t going to build trust. Period. So if you want more people to be booking calls, becoming clients, and purchasing your services – you need to establish trust – and you do that through your website.

There’s a reason businesses invest thousands of dollars in their websites – they’re important! But if you’re left wondering… “How do I make my website look more professional and expensive?” then read on for all the answers. And if you’d like to hear me explain this – check out the video below.

Websites have become essential to business. 

The reality today is that there has never been a better or more important time to invest in a website for your business. That being said, not all websites are created equal, and the quality of that website could have a huge effect on your return on investment, and ultimately your business.  

If you’re in the market for a website, you’ll see a huge range of prices. It can be tough to know what you should spend and what you need in order to reach your specific goals. Today I’ll be sharing with you the differences between a site that’s been built on the cheap, and a website that’s been carefully designed to serve your business.  

What’s the difference between a cheap website and an expensive one?

A cheap website will certainly look cheap to the user. It will look like little time has been invested in it, like it was built from a template and not properly  customized, probably throwing a ton of information at the user before knowing what their needs are. The branding is usually off, without consistency in the colors and the design. These types of sites tend to feel outdated and sometimes also have the issue of not working very well on mobile phones.  

On the flip side, an expensive site will have a great user experience, making visitors feel right at home (you know that feeling when you land on a website you vibe with ❤️). It’s going to be very tailored to your brand, while making the user able to easily find all the information they’re looking for. The website will feel modern and like someone is looking after it and keeping it up to date. It will also give your mobile audience an excellent user experience.

A great website takes planning and strategy

I think it’s obvious we all want a good website for our business right? Because people will not buy from a business that they don’t trust, and a cheap-looking website is just not going to build trust; it’s going to turn people off. 

A good website brings leads, strengthens your brand, raises search engine rankings, and helps your business achieve your targets. But it’s not as easy as picking out a template on Squarespace… or even hiring a designer to create your site for you. If you want your website to be attractive, trustworthy, AND bring you more sales… then check out my 6 tips below.

6 Tips to Make Your Website Look More Professional 

1. Know your target market

First things first and before we start even talking about design, you have to know who your customer is. You have to understand their challenges, their pain  points, and most importantly, their needs. After all, your branding will be aligned  with that target customer. That’s why it’s super important for you to spend time defining your brand and getting it really clear and really dialed into your ideal  client… before a single line of code is written. 

2. Be intentional with branding and design

Once you’ve done this, the next step will be to apply your brand consistently across your website, customizing each part so that it really aligns with it. Select  your imagery carefully and with intention, always thinking about who your customer is. The images can make or break a website design. Using carefully curated stock and custom brand photography is truly one of my favorite ways to make a website look expensive and high-end.  

3. Pay attention to layout

Layout is so important! Make sure your site is easily navigated, providing a positive user experience in which the customer is clear on the information  provided, with direct calls to action. Make it easy to find important information like your services and booking page. A lot of people skim quickly through websites, so definitely keep the content easy to digest. Strike a balance with your copy – not too little, not too much. I usually find dietitian websites go to one extreme – either long paragraphs of text that will lose visitors, or short pieces of content that don’t really say a lot and therefore don’t connect with potential clients.

4. Cool it on the fancy effects

Leave fancy effects at the door; the simpler the design, the better. There are actually studies that have shown people are less likely to interact with an  element to get information. Effective website design is about communicating as much as possible with as few elements as possible. 

5. Pay attention to the details

Attention to detail, no matter what business you are in, makes for a better experience for your customers and clients. Things like having the same margins  on every page, having elements properly aligned, checking for typos, links, and buttons not working, are all important to check before going live. Your visitors notice these little things and these details  equate to professionalism. 

6. Optimize your designs and website for mobile use

Today, many people use their smartphones as their sole computer. Your website needs to be optimized for mobile, and it should look the same, if not better, than the desktop version of your website. 

And before you know it… your client (and you!) will be doing the happy dance 🎉

Creating a website that builds trust and generates sales IS possible

There’s a lot to pay attention to when developing a quality site, and if you’re ready to really dive in, you should attend my FREE Masterclass, 5 Secrets to Get More Clients from Your Website. In this 1 hour class I go over the mistakes that I see dietitians consistently making on their websites that are costing them clients… and how to fix them! Grab a seat in our next class. 🙌

And if you’re ready to begin working with a design team that is focused on creating a strategic, beautiful, EFFECTIVE website that’s going to bring you more clients and establish you as the expert – then we’re here to help, we’d love to hop on a call to discuss your project!


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