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This was so worth the investment

This was so worth the investment. And I’m so insanely proud of my website. I’m proud to share it, I’m proud to give people that link. I love that my booking is directly on my website, and I don’t have to send them into Practice Better with another link to book. I’m just really proud of the product that came out of [this course]. It’s really, really cool.”

– Jessica,

“I am so happy I signed up for this course. It is helping me think through all of my ideas, and the page layouts are incredible. I am excited!”

– Courtney

“I would NEVER have created a website this badass without your support and guidance. I am finally happy with my brand and I feel so confident manipulating my WordPress site, I never thought I would be able to say that!!!!! THANK YOU!”

– Julia

I booked my first client at my highest tier package!

This week I booked my first coaching client at my highest tier package and this was possible with the help of you, your team, and your program!! 🥲 I have felt so much more comfortable and confident starting my business and promoting my services as a result of having a professional website that’s functional and easy to navigate. I can’t wait to see how my site and business grows with time. 

 – Haley,

“Working with Whitney and team has been a breeze! My original website had poor usability, I had to use several different apps to update it and I knew search engines weren’t finding it… Whitney completely converted my website to WordPress and I couldn’t be happier!

I also feel so fortunate to have support going forward and a team who knows their tech so I don’t have to. I now have a website I feel so proud to share!”

– Susannah,

“Whitney and her team are simply amazing! I already gained one new client who said “she knew I was the right fit” just from going to my website. Her follow up and training is top notch. Just follow her system if you want to scale your business and increase sales.”

– Terry,

I felt so reassured you were the right person…

The fact that you’re a dietitian puts you in this really unique category, being able to deliver the [web design] service, because I have family members who work in web design and who have built websites. And I could have easily tapped into that resource, and hoped that we landed on something that was a good match.

But I really felt so reassured that you were the right person, because you’ve got this wealth of knowledge of the work that I do, and the way that I was trying to convey this messaging, and what the site needed to do in order to facilitate the business side of things.

– Catherine,

“The Q&As were wildly beneficial… just having that comfort of being able to ask questions and get real time support… The forum was perfect for when you were like, “I’ve accidentally deleted something. I don’t know what I did,” because then [your team] could just get in there and [respond].”
– Jessica

The SEO is Working!

I just got a consultation from a woman who searched “gut health nutritionist,” found my website, and liked that I focused on women. The SEO is working!

– Adair,

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